Cannabis & Hemp Dryers

With having over decades of experience drying and curing tobacco, we have designed, tested, and sold dryers specifically for the hemp and cannabis industry. Handling and drying large amounts of product can be an overbearing task if the proper drying facility is not in place.

Our kilns have fully aerated floors, so having the equal acclimatized air front to back and bottom to top is very critical for a well-balanced dried and cured crop. Our kilns our fuel efficient because of the lack of heat loss and having proper air flow.



  • Galvanized steel frame
  • Reinforced chassis and boxes
  • Full perforated galvanized steel floor
  • 10 HP electric blower motor
  • Foam insulated wall and roof panels
  • Automatic controller
  • Stainless heat exchanger
  • Natural gas or propane heat source


  • Cool and Dehumidification for Cannabis drying
  • Aluminum rolling trays for bucked flower
  • 3 phase motor
  • VFD frequency drive for 3 PH
  • VFD frequency drive for single PH
  • Stackable hemp boxes- hanging racks
  • Bin loading ramps



  • 12 foot
  • 20 foot
  • 40 foot


  • 8 foot
  • 10 foot

1  Turn Key

Mabre will build your 8-foot-wide kiln totally and deliver it in one piece via truck. All you have to do is unload the kiln off the trailer onto a concrete pad and add power and gas. That’s it!

2  Build Your Own

Mabre will build your kiln as a kit. We can put 3-4 disassembled kilns in one container, thereby reducing the shipping cost. It will need pre-assembly on site. It usually takes a crew of 3 guys (over the course of 1 day) to assemble a kiln. We can build it on your site or you can build it.

For more information on Air Distribution, contact Mabre today.